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Specialty Doors & Gates

Strip Doors, Air Curtains, Rubber Doors and More

Specialty doors and gates are important structures that many companies in the industrial and commercial sectors utilize for optimal operational efficiency. Some applications that commonly employ specialty doors include:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Loading docks
  • Food production plants
  • Construction sites
  • Factories


Specialty doors are highly effective at separating critical areas from the rest of a facility, whether those areas are interior or exterior spaces. In addition, the demands of many working environments mean that specialty doors often need to function under extreme weather conditions and be durable enough to take a certain amount of abuse, whether that comes from accidental vehicular collisions or other sources.

Specialty doors also serve as a barrier that separates the interior climate from outside weather conditions. For instance, a specialty door can help protect an air-conditioned facility against extreme heat. Specialty doors also aid in the regulation of air flow throughout a facility.

There are several types of specialty doors available on the market, including:

  • Overhead doors
  • High speed doors
  • Rollup doors
  • Air curtains
  • Strip doors


Barrier gates are also often utilized within loading dock applications to provide a safety barrier between high traffic areas of a warehouse and the dock door.

High Speed Doors

High speed doors are specifically designed to perform highly repetitive opening and closing movements at a faster speed than typical industrial doors. These doors are constructed from materials like rubber or fabric, which makes them more lightweight and efficient than rolling doors sourced from metal.

Whereas metal rolling doors are often cost-prohibitive, easily damaged, and take a long time to repair, high speed rubber doors can be constructed out of high quality SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) material that is both impact and wind resistant, making them incredibly durable under the harshest conditions.

High speed fabric doors are often constructed from woven polyester monofilament 42oz PVC fabric. This material is highly resistant to adverse weather, harmful chemicals, and punctures. These doors can function at an opening/closing rate of 100 inches per second.

High speed doors are typically designed for high traffic areas that feature the entry and egress of vehicles and power equipment. Many of these doors feature a breakaway bottom bar that releases under the exertion of pressure and causes the door to reverse on contact.

High speed doors are commonly featured in several applications, such as:

  • Maintenance facilities
  • Food production plants
  • Mining operations
  • Agricultural plants
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Parking garages


Air Curtain Doors

Air curtain doors are designed to prevent the transfer of air or contaminants from one space to another by an air seal. They often aid in the containment and maintenance of hot or cool air.

Air curtain doors offer significant energy savings, as well as enhanced personal comfort, whether installed in commercial buildings or industrial facilities. Moreover, air curtain doors prevent outside pollutants and insects from getting into a designated space.

When looking for air curtain doors, make sure they meet the standards for ETL Sanitation, both for indoor and outdoor usage, and meet all applicable USDA, FDA, and AIB standards and regulations.

Partner With Specialty Door Experts

Specialty doors and gates provide a range of benefits to facilities, warehouses, and construction sites. At Aaron Bradley, we offer barrier gates as well as high speed, industrial rubber, air curtain, strip, and fabric doors—all made in the USA.

With over 75 years of combined experience, our team of experts will help you find the right specialty door for your needs. We also offer highly personalized service to every customer and consistently deliver high-quality products with quick turnaround times at competitive prices.

To learn more about the advantages of partnering with Aaron Bradley for your specialty door and gate needs, reach out to us for a free quote today!

Industrial Rubber Door

Industrial Rubber Doors

Check out our industrial rubber doors.

high speed fabric doors

High Speed Fabric Door – HS200

The Aaron-Bradley™ ‘HS200’ High Speed Fabric Door is available in speeds up to 100″ per second. The unit comes standard with an open speed of 36″ per second and a closed speed of 18″ per second. Door curtain material is made of weather, chemical and puncture resistant fabric with a layer of woven polyester monofilament 42oz PVC for years of dependable operation.

Industrial Fabric Door - E100

Fabric Door – E100

The Aaron-Bradley™ ‘E100’ Fabric Door is the rugged yet economical solution for environmental separations where high speed is not a requirement. The pre-wired operator with integral control panel requires a minimum of electrical wiring.

strip door

Strip Door – AB Series

The Aaron-Bradley™ ‘AB’ Series Strip Door provides an economic solution to environmental control and energy conservation. General applications include: Freezers, Coolers, Stock-rooms, Receiving Doors, service areas and many more.

air curtain for doorway

Air Curtain – UAC Series

The Aaron-Bradley™ ‘UAC’ Series of Air Curtains are economically priced and are highly recommended for insect control at food service, storage door facilities, warehouses and many more. Units are manufactured with rugged, aluminized steel construction that meets the standards set for ETL Sanitation listed for indoor and outdoor use.

Loading Dock Barrier Gate

Barrier Gate – BG Series

The Aaron-Bradley™ ‘BG’ Series Barrier Gate helps prevent personnel and equipment from falling off the dock. The bright Safety-yellow barrier arm is finished with black and yellow safety striping for high visibility. The ‘BG’ Series Barrier Gate can be operated by one person and is designed to provide zero maintenance.